I mist being here.I lost my account for a little bite ,just got it back today it was so hard to get it back.Enjoy the rest of your summer and have a nice weekend Sonny Vigil with http://www.vigilhandymanservices.com ,you may visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/VigilsHandyman?ref_type=bookmark


ImageMY X’S mother called me for a job I think that’s great I haven’t talked to her in 18 years or so it was nice hearing from her she is a hard working woman she takes care of her business.I had a fair day today I did a plumbing job now it’s time to rest I been running with my head off this week LOL.Everyone have a great day Sonnyboy.

Your handyman here in Denver Colorado.


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Ben Bunteind is customer from 2yrs back he called me for a Job 7pm tonight he is a great guy he bought me a large pizza & cinnamon sticks & two litter Pepsi and gave the driver a $7 tip I wished I had many customer like him LOL I did have some customers that were so nice to me with great tips and some of them feed me as well I like to say Thanks to all my customers yous are Great I wouldn’t be Vigil’s Handyman Services with out yous Love yous all Sonny Vigil with http://www.handyman-80205.com Image

Here is a tip to save about $75 this summer I been doing this for years now I save $75 on my gas bill every summer I start in May then end in Sept.Well here it is turn off the gas to your heater-furnaces in your home the main valve is next to the heater it looks like this most of them have a brass top. some are yellow or it might be red.It’s the only 3/4″ pipe going to your heater you will save $15 a Month.Try this out and see what you save.Sonny Vigil with http://www.handyman-80205.com

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We new 18 yrs ago that he was responsible for my Auntie Sharon Death was finally found GUILTY on ALL COUNTS on Friday by a jury…First and Second Degree Murder and Sexual Assault.I hope they take care of him in prison.Nearly 20 years after the rape and murder of a mentally disabled woman in Colorado Springs, a jury returned sweeping convictions against the man suspected by police from the beginning.

Jose Burciaga-Ruiz spent the past two decades denying involvement but couldn’t explain why his DNA matched semen found in Sharon Lee Sklavos the day her savaged body was discovered in the woods off Gold Camp Road.

Convicted of first-degree murder, second-degree murder and sexual-assault, Burciaga-Ruiz, 58, faces life in prison without parole at his May 31 sentencing by 4th Judicial District Judge Michael McHenry. 260042_472222469520567_1862961805_n.jpg Jun 7TH  That evil thing got Life with out Parole.It was so hard not to kick his you know what !!!!!! I had to move to the end were I was siting so I could be far from him.

What a handyman Knows or don’t no.

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This was sent to me.”Sonny there should be some type of testing of handymen to see how handy they are” I say why if the person goes to a job he or she must know what they are doing.I hope that the person knows what they are doing because I wouldn’t go to a job that I didn’t know how to do it.I been a Handyman for 23yrs or so I seen many trades person f-up or just cut corners to save them money.Here is a picture of a plumbing job that I lost because I am a handyman not a plumber but I was a plumber for 25 yrs and I told him I was.This plumbing out fit didn’t need to cut a hole in the wall to find the leak.I didn’t cut a hole in the wall to find the leak.The leak was under the sink not in the ceiling,then this is how he left the ceiling after he fixed the leak.This is my point not every one is smart or should I say Know what they are doing handyman or a trades man.Handyman is a trade to me because we can do many different Jobs,That takes skill’s.Image